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We are looking forward to meeting you at WCETIS 2019, which will be held at Shah Alam, Malaysia from October 23 - 25, 2019.
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All registered papers will be submitted for publication by Springer and made available through SpringerLink Digital Library.

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1. Industrial Engineering and Healthcare


To develop and propose a research for how industrial engineering may support health services research and health care delivery redesign. with a focus on health information technology (IT) and systems engineering.

To strengthen partnership between the health services community and the industrial engineering community to achieve the portfolio and program goals

2. Advanced production, processing and manufacturing


To strengthen factory automation systems. Research topics spanning the entire manufacturing spectrum in the field of robotics, mechatronic, and computer integrated manufacturing systems

3. Sustainable Intrastructure


To strengthen and share knowledge on major infrastructure projects. Research topics include but not limited to latest innovation and designs on construction and operations and management.

4. Water Resources Planning and Management


To strengthen and share knowledge on water resources planning and management. Research topics include but not limited to planning, strategy development, operational and tactical decisions to optimize water cycle for sustainable water resources.

5. Heat transfer and fluids


To strengthen and share knowledge on heat transfer and fluids that can have positive impact on engineering applications.

6. Electronics and Electrical Engineering


To strengthen and share knowledge in electronics and electrical engineering in the following scope:
Sensors and sensing techniques, Artificial intelligence and optimization systems, Signal processing techniques,Industrialelectronics, Automation, robotics and control systems, Image processing and transformations, Bioinformatics and Other related areas

7. Internet of Things


The conference will also highlight technologies on IoT where actual deployment of products and services by the use of internet is utilized.

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Accepted Papers

ID: 279285

Title: Optimization of Nonlinear Temperature Gradient on Eigenfrequency using Metaheuristic Genetic Algorithm for Reinforced Concrete Bridge Structural Health
Authors:  Concepcion, Ronnie II, | Ilagan, Lorena

ID: 278618

Title: Feasible Human Emotion Detection from Facial Thermal Images
Authors:  Oguchi, Kimio

ID: 278406

Title: Modeling Structural Characteristics of Porous Powder Materials with Application Models of Casual Two-Dimensional Packaging
Authors:  Zabolotnyi, Oleg Povstyanoy | Oleksandr, Rud,Victor

ID: 278235

Title: Designing a 6×6 Armoured Personnel Carrier by Applying the Principles of Ergonomic
Authors:  Mahfudh, Halim | Zulaihah,Lilik | Arifati, Rifa | Fajriah, Nur

ID: 278227

Title: Technology of Obtaining a High-Perfomance Multilayer Powdered Filtering Materials
Authors: Zabolotnyi, Oleg

ID: 278166

Title: Automated Water Quality Monitoring and Control for Milkfish Pond
Authors: Pula, Rolando | Garcia, Shiella Marie | Santos, Cyd Laurence | Briones, Karen Mae | Reyes, Sean Michael | Macasaet, Maurice Alyana

ID: 278076

Title: Post-Harvest and Processing Technology Management System for Local Coffee Growers
Authors: Buclatin, Willie Castillo

ID: 277717

Title: Alphanumeric Test Paper Checker Through Intelligent Character Recognition Using OpenCV and Support Vector Machine
Authors: Tolentino, Lean Karlo S. |  Velasco, Jessica S. | Beltran, Anthony Aldrin V. | Alayon, Joie Ann C. |  Maranan, Paul Edgar B. |  Mascardo, Cheza Marie A. | Sombrito, Justine Mae B.

ID: 277658

Title: Reinforced Concrete Bridge Structural Health Classification using Hybrid Principal Component Analysis and Artificial Neural Network Approach with Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Concepcion II, Ronnie S. |  Ilagan, Lorena C.

ID: 277608

Title: A Web-Based Appointment Scheduling System at Perpetual Help Medical Center Outpatient Department
Authors: Pula, Rolando | Mendoza | Sheily, Padpad | Ranzel Cloie | Vael, Amira Jane Vael |  Alcazar, Cindy

ID: 277607

Title: Low Cost Automated Rapid Bio Composting with SMS Monitoring System
Authors: Garcia, Shiella Marie P. | Santos, Cyd Laurence B. | Dolendo, Dexter | Marquez, Roque, Arvin Marquez | Pula, Rolando Advincula

ID: 276997

Title: An Image Processing Application and Image Classification Techniques Evaluation on Quantitative Seagrass Abundance Assessment in Microscale Level
Authors: Dellagas, Adrian Aristotle | Milante, Mary France | Prado, Febbie Marylou | Soriano, Referendo | Clores, Michael

ID: 276982

Title: Investigation of Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) for Optimal Colored Video Denoising in RGB, HSV, and YUV Color Spaces
Authors: Avila, Roy Jonathan | Sabater, Conrad James | Salvino, Angelo Guzman | Soriano, Referendo

ID: 275649

Title: Determination of Calcium and pH Level in Urine for Calcium Based Kidney Stone Diagnosis Using Arduino Microcontroller
Authors: Pula, Rolando

ID: 269610

Title: Servo-Controlled 5-axis 3D Printer from an Open-source Kit
Authors: Imbao, Ramon Miguel B. | Corpuz, Dawn Christine P. | Oppus, Carlos M. |  Marinas, Juan Antonio G.

ID: 269162

Title: Dispensing Simulation of High Viscosity Fluid in Jetting Dispensing System
Authors: Lee, Kwang-Hee |  Lee, Chul-Hee | Lee, Eun-Sang | Kim, Ki-Woo

ID: 268454

Title: 3-state Multi Resolution, Multi Frame Rate Algorithm for Multi Target Auto Tracking in PTZ Cameras
Authors: Pour Yousefian Barfeh, Davood | Albacea, Eliezer | Mariano, Vladimir

ID: 268197

Title: Organic Additives for the Enhancement of Laminar Flow in Brain-vessels-like Micro-Channel Assembly
Authors: Abdulbari, Haydera | Heidarinik, Somaye | Ling, Fiona W.M.

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